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The color, symbolizes the sun, the eternal source of energy. It spreads warmth, optimism, enlightenment. It is the liturgical color of deity Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge.

The shape, neither a perfect circle nor a perfect square, gives freedom from any fixed pattern of thoughts just like the mind and creativity of a child. It reflects eternal whole, infinity, unity, integrity & harmony.

The ' child' within, reflects our child centric philosophy; the universal expression to evolve and expand but keeping a child’s interests and wellbeing at the central place.

The name, "Maa Sharda;" is a mother with divinity, simplicity, purity, enlightenment and healing touch, accommodating all her children indifferently. This venture itself is an offering to her........

G I Scopy (Endoscopy)

Diagnostic Esophagoscopy – Laryngeal cleft (partial)-Final

Diagnostic esophagoscopy in neonate with False tract in mediastinum-Final

Diagnostic Esophagoscopy in recurrent TE Fistula-Final

Diagnostic Upper GI scopy Post burns Bleeding Duodenal ulcerCurling’s ulcer Final

Pelvic and rectal hemangioma with bleeding PR

Upper GI scopy for Dysphagia due to Cricopharyngeal Web in 14 yrs old boy Final

Upper GI scopy for upper esophageal web in 7 months old male child

Upper GI scopy Lower Esophageal Web with food bolus obstruction Final

Upper GI scopy with multiple duodenal biopsies in Celiac Disease Final

Lower GI scopy for bleeding P R severe malnutrition in 8 yrs old child Final