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The color, symbolizes the sun, the eternal source of energy. It spreads warmth, optimism, enlightenment. It is the liturgical color of deity Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge.

The shape, neither a perfect circle nor a perfect square, gives freedom from any fixed pattern of thoughts just like the mind and creativity of a child. It reflects eternal whole, infinity, unity, integrity & harmony.

The ' child' within, reflects our child centric philosophy; the universal expression to evolve and expand but keeping a child’s interests and wellbeing at the central place.

The name, "Maa Sharda;" is a mother with divinity, simplicity, purity, enlightenment and healing touch, accommodating all her children indifferently. This venture itself is an offering to her........

What makes us different?

“Medicine is a mission. It is not a profession and it is not a business.”

-Mother Teresa.


We at ‘Maa Sharda’ not only ‘believe’ in this philosophy, but also ‘live’ this philosophy, with full ‘awareness’, in our practice. We consider our hospital as a sacred place and our patients as little angels. We feel that our efforts to serve and save these children are no less than a prayer to God.

Health is not merely an absence of a disease. Our goal is complete, comprehensive care by not only treating the disease alone but a holistic approach towards healthy body, mind and spirit.

Drugs alone cannot treat. We try to minimize the list of drugs while providing maximum guidance on other aspects of health like proper diet, physical activity, preventive strategies, positive attitude towards life and a good psychological support.

Know Us


  • To provide comprehensive child centric services with a human touch and empathy

  • To provide safe & welcoming environment encouraging good doctor – patient relationship

  • To benefit patients by simultaneous medical & surgical care under one roof


  • To nurture long term alliance with patients, parents & colleagues to create an extended ‘Maa Sharda family’

  • To grow collectively & harmoniously in every aspect of life (personal, professional, social & spiritual)

  • To offer reliable, transparent, ethical & cost effective medical care


C- Compassion and Contentment

H- Honesty and Harmony

I- Integrity and Impartiality

L- Love and Loyalty

D- Dedication and Devotion

our TEAM


    Consultant Neonatologist
    Pediatric Intensivist


    Consultant Pediatrician
    Adolescent specialist & counselor


    Consultant Neonatal
    Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgeon


    Consultant Neonatal
    Pediatric Urosurgeon


    Consultant Neonatal
    Pediatric Gastro Surgeon


    Consultant Neonatologist


    Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Things We Do Well

Neonatal services:
  • Attendance at all types of Delivery calls (24 x 7)
  • Modular state of the art NICU with HEPA-filters (one of its kind in the region)
  • Intensive care for premature and low birth weight babies
  • Ventilatory care for newborns
Pediatric services:
  • Pediatric indoor unit with emergency management facilities
  • Pediatric intensive and ventilator support unit (PICU)
  • Pediatric OPD and Vaccination
  • Asthma clinic for children
  • Epilepsy clinic
  • Facilities for hospitalization for any childhood illness
Teens and Trance Clinic:
  • Premarital & preconception counseling clinic
  • Counseling centre for Adolescent physical and mental issues
  • Centre for Family Life Education and parental guidance activities
  • Mind-body healing and Behavior modification therapy centre
Pediatric Surgery:
  • Antenatal counseling clinic for fetal anomalies
  • Centre for all types of child surgeries (birth to 18 years)
  • All types of Minimal Invasive Surgery for children (Key Hole Surgery)
  • Highly equipped modular operation theatre (class-100)
  • Pediatric & Neonatal Laparoscopy
  • Pediatric & Neonatal Thoracoscopy
  • Pediatric & Neonatal Cystoscopy
  • Pediatric & Neonatal Bronchoscopy
  • Pediatric & Neonatal Endoscopy (Upper GI & Colonoscopy)
  • Various specialty clinics (Pediatric Urology, Plastic & reconstructive, Neurosurgery, Pediatric trauma)

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Success Story

In case of Dr Neema Sitapara & Dr Amit Sitapara, in addition to medical fraternity, the patients and their families too feel proud of them. The knowledge, dedication, faith, truth, responsibility, duty, humbleness, kindness, vigor, capability, and services make them deserving for the constant success and recommendations. And we, as a parent of Hetansh Kotak, feel secure and safe when going to Maa Sharda Child Care.

Aarati – Ajay Kotak MD (Anesthesia)

Despite being a doctor parent when my son-Saumya, got intestinal obstruction due to Intussusception before two years, we were much panicked. His age at that time was just 15 months.

Our pediatrician’s clinical acumen and examination helped prompt detection of Intussusception in our son who had vomiting and abdominal discomfort since morning. We rushed to Dr. Amit Sitapara at Maa Sharda Child Care for his opinion. After meeting him and listening to his caring words we were so much relieved. It was only after this experience we learnt that sir is a pioneer Pediatric surgeon for the hydrostatic reduction of Intussusception in our region (a non operative approach for the treatment of early intussusceptions).

Dr. Bharat R Vadgama MD (Anesthesia)

Being a pediatrician, when my 4 months old daughter, Paridhi got Intussusception, I was aware about non operative treatment of the same. Once we landed at Maa Sharda Child Care and undergone the successful non operative reduction of the Intussusception we were relieved.

Again, at the age of 7 months she got recurrence of the same condition. Like every parent those were the moments of great tension, but Dr Sitapara was confident about successful outcome this time also. From our experience at Maa Sharda Child Care we can say that it was the best treatment done for my daughter.

Dr. Nayan Bodar MD (Anesthesia)

On 7th of Aug 2011, around 2 at midnight, doctor sadly informed me that my daughter’s food pipe is blind in neck since birth and is abnormally joined with wind pipe which might cost her life immediately on feeding.

I went to the door steps of Maa Sharda Child Care, Rajkot where Dr. Amit Sitapara, a pediatric surgeon carried out a major surgery on my daughter in a diligent way. Though the surgery may be a routine for him but the result was not routine for us. Just after 6 days of such a major operation my brave wife was told to take full charge of the baby without any medical assistance or without any special precautions. She was allowed to give mother’s feeds!!

Dr. Paras Dilsukhbhai Bhadania MD (Anesthesia)

When our 28 days old daughter got persistent white colored vomiting, we came to know about Pyloric Stenosis and the only option was surgical correction. With the proper guidance from our pediatrician we landed at Maa Sharda Child Care in the safe hands of Dr. Amit Sitapara. She has undergone surgery after adequate stabilization by Laparoscopic method. It is indeed very challenging to perform laparoscopy in such a small baby. Above all, it was done by newer method of Laparoscopy, where only one 3 mm sized hole was visible on her left upper abdomen. The job was done in such a precise manner that, she started accepting feeds without single vomiting in less than 24 hours. We were literally spell bound to see the dramatic improvement, fast recovery and excellent cosmetic appearance.

Dr. Sarang Lakhmale MD (Anesthesia)

During our stay at the hospital for three days, we could see the other side of a very noble human being in doctors. From Dr. Amit Sitapara’s interaction with number of patients, in all the cases, transparency of line of treatment was very prominent, which is rarely found in today’s medical profession. We are also witness of him being helpful to patients who were unable to afford medical expenses beyond certain limits.

Their hospital is having all necessary infrastructure facilities and the staff was also very cooperative.

Jayant Lakhlani MD (Anesthesia)

My son, Khanjan had  absent testis on right side since birth. For the same I consulted Dr. Amit Sitapara, at Maa Sharda Child Care, Rajkot. After listening to us, he examined our child and found it in his groin. He gave us the proper understanding of the entity. He explained us thoroughly the condition, need & reasons for surgery, advantages & disadvantages as well as the risk associated with that.

To our surprise, the operation was completed successfully within no time by Dr. Amit Sitapara. After 6 hours of operation, he was discharged in a normal condition. He was allowed to take bath, to eat everything, to play anywhere without any need for medications (no antibiotics or no analgesics were needed). We are also thankful to Anesthesiologist  Dr. Amit Vagadia for his kind support and excellent anesthesia.

Keyur-Jaimini Buch MD (Anesthesia)