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The color, symbolizes the sun, the eternal source of energy. It spreads warmth, optimism, enlightenment. It is the liturgical color of deity Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge.

The shape, neither a perfect circle nor a perfect square, gives freedom from any fixed pattern of thoughts just like the mind and creativity of a child. It reflects eternal whole, infinity, unity, integrity & harmony.

The ' child' within, reflects our child centric philosophy; the universal expression to evolve and expand but keeping a child’s interests and wellbeing at the central place.

The name, "Maa Sharda;" is a mother with divinity, simplicity, purity, enlightenment and healing touch, accommodating all her children indifferently. This venture itself is an offering to her........

What makes us different?

“Medicine is a mission. It is not a profession and it is not a business.”

-Mother Teresa.


We at ‘Maa Sharda’ not only ‘believe’ in this philosophy, but also ‘live’ this philosophy, with full ‘awareness’, in our practice. We consider our hospital as a sacred place and our patients as little angels. We feel that our efforts to serve and save these children are no less than a prayer to God.

Health is not merely an absence of a disease. Our goal is complete, comprehensive care by not only treating the disease alone but a holistic approach towards healthy body, mind and spirit.

Drugs alone cannot treat. We try to minimize the list of drugs while providing maximum guidance on other aspects of health like proper diet, physical activity, preventive strategies, positive attitude towards life and a good psychological support.

For any pediatric patient, parents are the caretakers. Hence no treatment can be complete or successful without the full participation of the parents. Educating the parents on one to one basis is very important in the management of all ailments. We emphasize counseling of parents as an integral and most important part of treatment. For this we often organize small seminars and group talks on specific topics at our premises.

We believe in quality rather than quantity. ‘We treat, God cures.’– knowing this we do not take pride in cent percent cure but we promise of putting cent percent efforts with good intention. ‘ETHICS’ is our motto, ‘MODESTY’ is our motive, ‘INTEGRITY’ is our value and ‘SIMPLICITY’ is our way of living. We implement transparency in every issue regarding the management of any patient, beginning from diagnosis to prognosis and the cost of treatment.

For the first time, totally child oriented medical and surgical treatments made available under one roof. Such collaborative effort for child care in a private set up is unique. Pediatric subspecialists (Neonatologist, Pediatrician, Intensivist, Adolescent specialist & Pediatric surgeons) are available to manage all types of childhood problems for children from birth to 18 years. Three pediatric surgeons at a single set up conducting all neonatal and pediatric surgeries will be of great help.

We do not boast of luxurious set up but we provide a homely humanitarian hospitality in meticulously planned child friendly environments by team of technocrats. We promote calm ambiance with enough space for children to play and good reading materials in a small hospital library at no cost.

The heart of the hospital consists of Modular state of the art NICU (level-3) with HEPA-filters (one of its kind in the region) and a fully equipped modular operation theater with latest gadgets. The ICU and operation theater are specially designed to minimize hospital acquired infections.

A special, multipurpose Telemedicine centre (with Audio-Visual communication facility) is created for patients & continuous learning of staff, parents, children and meetings.

And above all, our approach towards patients has always been sincere, holistic, ethical,transparent and open ended.

We feel lucky that God has selected us for this noble profession. We try our best to help the poor and needy as and when required. For patients, regaining health is no less than acquiring a heaven. So, we always remember that-

It’s not important to go to heaven after we leave, but, it’s important to create heaven in everyone’s life before we leave.