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The color, symbolizes the sun, the eternal source of energy. It spreads warmth, optimism, enlightenment. It is the liturgical color of deity Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge.

The shape, neither a perfect circle nor a perfect square, gives freedom from any fixed pattern of thoughts just like the mind and creativity of a child. It reflects eternal whole, infinity, unity, integrity & harmony.

The ' child' within, reflects our child centric philosophy; the universal expression to evolve and expand but keeping a child’s interests and wellbeing at the central place.

The name, "Maa Sharda;" is a mother with divinity, simplicity, purity, enlightenment and healing touch, accommodating all her children indifferently. This venture itself is an offering to her........


Thoracoscopic excision of Bronchogenic cyst in 4 month old child- Final

Thoracoscopic excision of Left Paraspinal mas (Ganglioneuroblastoma)-Final

Thoracoscopic excision of Lung cyst (infective) in 2 months old child

Diagnostic Thoracoscopy in Lung Hyadatid cyst (Right upper lobe)

Thoracoscopic repair of Esophageal atresia(first at Laxmi)- Final

Thoracoscopic repair of Eventration of Diaphargm in child Left side)Final

Thoracoscopic repair of Eventration of Diaphargm in 2 months old child left side)

Thoracoscopic Decortication for Empyma stageII)

Thoracoscopic Decortication for Empyema Classical early stageII)-Final

Thoracoscopic repair of Diaphargmatic hernia CDH) in a 17 days old child Final